The 7 weirdest NFTs sold until right now, 2022!!

The 7 weirdest NFTs sold until right now, 2022!!

The crypto world has been going wild over non-fungible tokens (NFT) lately, with many developers and investors excited to see where this new field of tokens will go next.

While there are plenty of great NFTs being made right now, we’ve also seen some really weird and shocking NFTs being sold as well.

Here are the 7 most weird and shocking NFTs on sale right now!

Grimes’s flying WarNymph babies

Grimes, a celebrity born Claire Boucher, was the first to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Given that her baby daddy Elon Musk is a tech mogul, it is not surprising. She sold a collection of digital artworks to NFTs in February.

This netted her a $5.8million; the conversion of one of the 303 editions into an NFT resulted in 70 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emission.

This is roughly equivalent to the electricity used in 10 homes for one year. Yikes. The artist donated a portion of the proceeds to Carbon180, an NGO that focuses on reducing carbon emissions.

Beeple’s Trump corpse

Mike Winkelmann (a.k.a. The digital artist Beeple sold an NFT called Crossroads, modified based on the outcome in 2020).

The artwork would depict Trump naked and musclebound while he stomps through hell if he retained office.

The 10-second video depicts the 45th president’s dead and graffiti-covered body lying in a park if Biden wins.

It was purchased at Crossroads by someone for $66,666.60.

However, in February, it was resold to the secondary market for $6.6million.

Burning Banksy

Masked men set to fire a Banksy print in Brooklyn on March 3 and streamed it live via Twitter. Why? The purpose was to make the work an NFT and quadruple its value.

Injective Protocol purchased the screenprint, Morons White, from a company for $95,000 to dismantle it and create a digital copy. The artwork was sold for $382 336.

 An executive at Injective Protocol, Mirza Uddin stated that they chose a Banksy work because he had previously destroyed one of his artworks at an auction.

Nyan Cat

Apart from digital art, NFTs also make valuable artefacts that are part of the history of the internet. Nyan Cat was a popular meme that depicted a Pop Tart-bodied cat whizzing through space, leaving behind a rainbow trail.

Chris Torres, Nyan Cat’s creator, sold the NFT version of his cat for $580,000 in February. He told The New York Times that he felt like he had opened the floodgates.

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

Similar to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, people are eager to get the famous phrase “just setting up my twitter” on his first tweet.

The highest bidder is $2.5million, and He claims that he will donate the proceeds of the auction to charity.

Taco Bell

You can bet your bottom dollar that brands will follow suit any time something is trending online.

Taco Bell is not afraid to take big swings for buzz. It’s therefore not surprising that they are the first corporate entity in NFTs.

Guess what? In 30 minutes, the taco-themed GIFs available at the fast-food restaurant sold out. (Proceeds will go towards the Live Mas Scholarship through Taco Bell Foundation).

Lindsay Lohan

Perhaps I underestimated her. ( Maybe we all underestimate her. But Lindsay Lohan is putting all of our faith in the NFT trade and has released a few crypto-backed portraits.

Shawn Mendes’s embroidered vest

Do you want to look like Shawn Mendes? The singer-songwriter launched the line of NFTs at the beginning of March.

It is modeled after his most famous accessories.

Fans will be able to buy copies of the Fender guitar and his gold ring and the vest embellished with his signature accessories.