Allentown Dining at Pistachio Bar & Grille

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A casual American bistro with Italian and Mediterranean influences

I am not quite sure how I have never written about Pistachio Bar & Grille before. My wife and I usually eat at Pistachio Bar&Grille at least 1 time every couple of months. My wife did the post Eating Out & Eating Well at Pistachio Bar & Grille in Allentown, PA  on her weight loss blog in 2010.  It’s one of our favorite places to take people to who are looking for a new dining experience.

I Need a Mint Julep for #MintJulepMonth

Initially I was thinking of a place to get a mint julep as it is #MintJulepMonth, and I had to try one somewhere else other than The French Quarter Bistro. Having been to a few places recently that did not or would not make me a mint julep, I knew or was hopingmint julep at pistachios Pistacios would not let me down.

Our waiter Joshua did not know if they could make one, but came back and said asked if it was with bourbon. A short time later Joshua returned with my third mint julep of #MintJulepMonth, and I have to say it was probably my favorite as the bourbon they used was much smoother than the other two mint juleps. Must not have been a large batch manufacturer.(not that I would know the difference)

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Get A Mint Julep Cup for Your Derby Parties

For #MintJulepMonth our friends over at Reed & Barton are having a Free Engraving Special on all of their julep cups ordered through May 5th.

Mint Julep Cups from Reed & Barton

Mint Julep Cups from Reed & Barton

Check out their Julep Cup page to see what cups they have available. They currently have 6 models available including the sterling silver Presidential Julep cup pictured below.Sterling Silver Julep Cup

Reed & Barton is quite the authority on Julep Cups. Check out their Mint Julep Cup board on Pinterest and their blog post Mint Julep Traditions and the Kentucky Derby.

Additionally, I would suggest following Reed&Barton on Twitter and Facebook, as they will be giving away some Julep Cups sometime this month, and the month is winding down.


I did not receive any direct compensation for this post, but do act as an online marketing consultant to R&B.

Royersford PA Fine Dining at The French Quarter Bistro

Friday Night my wife and I unexpectedly ended up dining at the The French Quarter Bistro. We had started out going over to a friend of ours new place, The Palma Breeze(Caribbean food), but upon getting there the place was packed during their unofficial opening weekend. We will be heading over there sometime this week when it is a little less crowed, as we heard some good things from some of the patrons.

The French Quarter Bistro

Thankfully it was crowed, and we were famished, so I went on Yelp and found The French Quarter Bistro, which is just across the Schuylkill river in Royersford PA.

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How To Make a Mint Julep for #MintJulepMonth

Its now #MintJulepMonth, which seems like a good idea to get us out of the winter doldrums and to prepare for the Kentucky Derby. I ran across this Making a Proper Mint Julep video from The Bourbon Review and thought it would be good to embed here for future reference.

I have only had two mint juleps before, and one was a peach julep, so I guess you can say I only have ever had one proper mint julep.

I like the way the Chris form The Bluegrass tavern makes his Mint Juleps. He really makes the julep look easy to make, and delicious.


I have only had two mint juleps in my life and the first one I had was actually a peach julep. The second was a proper mint julep made with bourbon. I am not exactly sure if it was a good one, so I may have to do a little more testing. :-)