Royersford PA Fine Dining at The French Quarter Bistro

Friday Night my wife and I unexpectedly ended up dining at the The French Quarter Bistro. We had started out going over to a friend of ours new place, The Palma Breeze(Caribbean food), but upon getting there the place was packed during their unofficial opening weekend. We will be heading over there sometime this week when it is a little less crowed, as we heard some good things from some of the patrons.

The French Quarter Bistro

Thankfully it was crowed, and we were famished, so I went on Yelp and found The French Quarter Bistro, which is just across the Schuylkill river in Royersford PA.

The French Quarter Bistro

As the name suggests the food is reminiscent of a New Orleans French Quarter restaurant with lots of Cajun items on the menu. They also have a huge selection of craft beers both bottled and on tap.

What We Had

My wife ordered the crab cakes which came  ”Pan-seared lump crab cakes served over angel hair pasta and tossed with diced tomatoes, scallions, cream and parmesan cheese”

She loved her diner and said it was amazingly good. It was two of her favorites pasta and an Alfredo esque pasta.

I ordered the FireCracker Shrimp pizza which had dry chillis, sweet red onions, shrimp and cajun seasonings as well as the Voodoo Wings which had a great sweet hot taste. (5 star hot wings)

The pizza was delicious with a sweet spicy sauce.

Mint Juleps


I started off the meal with what I thought was a mint julep, but turned out to be a peach julep. I ordered a mint julep, but the drink special of the day was peach juleps, and the

Peach Julep

Peach Julep, not Mint Julep

bartender probably just thought that was what I wanted. The second drink I had(I rarely have more than one drink) was more of a traditional Mint Julep, made with real mint and bourbon. I have to say, I think I preferred the peach julep, as I don’t really like bourbon.

The waitress said she would replace the peach julep with a real mint julep, but I told her not to worry about it.

Being it is #MintJulepMonth, I thought it would be good research. I’ll be doing another post on Mint Juleps shortly.

Mint Julep with Bourbon

Yelp Reviews of The French Quarter Bistro are for the most part very good. One strange review was about a night when the owner was in and walking around talking to patrons in gym shorts and a polo. Thankfully the owner wasn’t there on Friday, or maybe he learned his lesson and was staying hidden.

First Impressions

My first impression of The French Quarter Bistro was that it was really quaint and friendly. I loved our waitress, who was very laid back and professional.  I would love to go back again and sample more of their menu, and more than likely will, since my wife raved about the crab cakes.

The French Quarter Bistor

Review of our meal at The French Quarter Bistro

The French Quarter Bistro is just across the bridge in Royersford(if coming from Spring City PA) A casual restaurant which would be great for date night or a quaint get together. Cajun cuisine specialties. Recommend the Crab Cakes, Voodoo Wings and Firecracker Shrimp pizza.

Rating by grubhound: 4.5 stars


The French Quarter Bistro

French Quarter Bistro Website
French Quarter Bistro Fanpage
215 Main Street :: Royersford, PA 19468
(610) 792-7292 phone





How To Make a Mint Julep for #MintJulepMonth

Its now #MintJulepMonth, which seems like a good idea to get us out of the winter doldrums and to prepare for the Kentucky Derby. I ran across this Making a Proper Mint Julep video from The Bourbon Review and thought it would be good to embed here for future reference.

I have only had two mint juleps before, and one was a peach julep, so I guess you can say I only have ever had one proper mint julep.

I like the way the Chris form The Bluegrass tavern makes his Mint Juleps. He really makes the julep look easy to make, and delicious.


I have only had two mint juleps in my life and the first one I had was actually a peach julep. The second was a proper mint julep made with bourbon. I am not exactly sure if it was a good one, so I may have to do a little more testing. :-)




2014 and Food – Guest Posting?

The Bears Den Breakfast sandwich

The Boyertown Bears Den Breakfast Sandwich Special

Wow, I can not believe I have not written on here since 2012. Not that I have not been out eating at fabulous restaurants and learning about new foods and drinks, its just that our business has been unbelievably busy.

Since I don’t have much time, I am opening the blog up to other foodies who may consider themselves to be a grub hound.

If you are a restaurant owner, and want a review, I would suggest having a third party do the review for you.

Are you a foodie blogger and you just want a little more exposure for your blog, why not write a guest post.

Any way, I hope you take me up on my offer to be a guest blogger.

Guest Blogging Requirements

  • Be at least 500 words long and use decent grammar( I don’t want to have to do a lot of editing).
  • Use at least one image or video.
  • Link out to another relevant food or restaurant site(2 links per article unless linking out to authority sites like Wikipedia, food network etc..)
  • Be a food related article and link to a food related website.
  • Answer any comments the article may receive.
  • Share your article on your own social channels.

That’s are you ready to be a guest blogger here?


Pollo Con Mole from Los Aztecas


I had been to Los Aztecas for the first time several years ago and was not overly impressed with the food. I am not sure why I did not like the food the first several times, but the last several times, I ordered Pollo(chicken) Mole(a traditional Mexican sauce). Having had Chicken Mole at several other Mexican restaurants within the past year or so, I asked the waiter if they made any mole and he asked what kind, and I said chicken. Pollo Mole
The Pollo Mole arrived on a sizzling hot plate which included the chicken with mole suace, brown rice, and a plate of soft hot corn tortillas.

Since I ordered the Pollo con Mole the first time,and it was so good, I had to have it again. So for our last Friday night date night, I asked my wife if she wanted to go to Los Aztecas.

She was a bit skeptical as to why I wanted to go there, as our first two visits to Los Aztecas were not very satisfactory. But that was several years ago as well.

Additionally, since Los Aztecas is a BYOB restaurant, we brought a bottle of Jose Cuervo Margarita mix with us, and our waiter was gracious enough to bring us two salted glasses with ice for two perfect margaritas.

The next thing that I really enjoy about Los Aztecas is the complimentary hot chips and salsa, which are out of this world. These chips I do remember from my first couple of visits as being very good.

In all truth, I can not recommend any other meal but the mole. The crab queso appetizer we got was also pretty tasty, but it was not the most pleasant to look at. And the chips and salsa can rival any other Mexican restaurants.

It might be me, but I do know that many other people do recommend the food at this little Mexican restaurant. My friend who got me to go there the time before last is a perfect example. He actually lives in Collegeville PA,  and chose to travel to Pottstown because he likes the food at Los Aztecas.

Pollo Con Mole

Pollo Con Mole at Los Aztecas Pottstown, PA

The Pollo con Mole at Los Aztecas is awesome

The Pollo con Mole is the best mole I have had in recent years. I would put it up against mole from other Mexican restaurants on the Eastern US. A sizzling plate of mole with rice and beans served with a plate of hot corn tortillas.

My rating: 5.0 stars

Los Aztecas
Pottstown Ctr
223 Shoemaker Rd

Pottstown, PA 19464

(610) 323-6928